As I was driving to work this morning I noticed that it was getting foggy, the closer I got to the mountains. Since I come from the land of fog this was no big deal. I mean I can see a good half a mile away. The cool thing is that it’s really starting to feel like winter, which I just love. I am a sucker for the warm inside coziness that winter brings and not so much the fan of the sticky, sweating, want to peel my skin off heat of summer. Give me big sweater and a cold day. I am happy.

An evening’s worth of time…

What ever will I do with myself. I’m at a point where I have a whole evening and I don’t have to do homework. OH MY!! I forgot what this is like! It was only with a little sadness, that I found my afternoon class had been cancelled today. So I wandered back home only to discover…I have no idea what to do with myself. Luckily it’s Thursday so Donald Trump and the docs on E.R. will take care of 2 hours…but what until then? I seriously sat down and just stared for about half an hour trying to decide what to do. I’m tired, but I don’t want to go to bed yet, how boring. I don’t really want to do housework. I don’t really want to go out. I am tired of reading. The truth is I’ve been spinning through the days at breakneck speeds only stopping to sleep and eat (sometimes), so this…just…feels…wierd. And it won’t last. So I think, a bath, some stretching and good helping of vegging out.


Well, the apartment is a mess and you know what? I really don’t care. I did want to clean it up tonight, but I am just spent and to get my tired little butt to bed. I spent all of today staring at this monitor and typing, 9 pages worth. And since I write about a page an hour, that was 9 hours of work for me. Maybe not a lot for some people, but those people are not human and I don’t pretend that we are comparable.

Anywho, I am going to sleep, ah sweet sleep. Happy Monday all.

Fry Day

It’s supposed to be hot today. I was thinking that it was ridiculous to be half way through October and still have it be warm outside. But I guess that’s what you get when you live in the place of no seasons.

There is a lot going on in my world, which is stressful. Mostly, I am getting buried by schoolwork and have numerous long papers due in the next couple of weeks, eeshk. It hit me that I am halfway through the semester and not halfway through the work. Boo.

My dear friends Tim & Kyle are off to get a new addition to their family today. They are adopting a little baby boy. It’s so exciting and I am so happy for them. Can’t wait to see him!

Space Mountain

Well, I did it. Yesterday, I rode Space Mountain…for the first time ever. So don’t ask what’s different about it, because I couldn’t tell ya. All I know is that now I have ridden every ride at Disneyland and survived. I won’t say I enjoyed it because I am a big chicken, but I survived. And I will even ride it again, that is, if who ever I am I riding with can take all the screaming. It was scary, but cool from what I saw during the 3 nanoseconds I had my eyes open. Check me out, I’m brave :).

The Rainy City

Well, we went on our little trip to Seattle. I got a bit of a cold while we were there, but still had a really good time. The food was the best part. I don’t know why food is so good when you are on vacation. We walked a lot and it was much colder than here, but a wonderful change. I kept feeling like we were somewhere back east. Seattle has the rusty charm of a big city like Chicago. Anyway it was a very good time. Drew was a wonderful tour guide as well. (Thanks 🙂