An evening’s worth of time…

What ever will I do with myself. I’m at a point where I have a whole evening and I don’t have to do homework. OH MY!! I forgot what this is like! It was only with a little sadness, that I found my afternoon class had been cancelled today. So I wandered back home only to discover…I have no idea what to do with myself. Luckily it’s Thursday so Donald Trump and the docs on E.R. will take care of 2 hours…but what until then? I seriously sat down and just stared for about half an hour trying to decide what to do. I’m tired, but I don’t want to go to bed yet, how boring. I don’t really want to do housework. I don’t really want to go out. I am tired of reading. The truth is I’ve been spinning through the days at breakneck speeds only stopping to sleep and eat (sometimes), so this…just…feels…wierd. And it won’t last. So I think, a bath, some stretching and good helping of vegging out.

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