We’re coming to you live from the ever-so-famous…San Francisco!

That’s right I finally made the long trek (and I do mean long) to the upper half of this great state. So far I am still in culture-shock. It doesn’t feel like this place should be on the west coast. I keep forgetting where I am. Although, the cold, foggy, raininess is not appealing to me; I can see why people would want to live here.

As you might’ve guessed, I am here to do interviews for my documentary. So far things are going very well. I am about halfway through the interviews on the whole. I am getting some really great stuff. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I began this project, but I am continually surprised at how different everyone’s views are. So far everyone has been awesome to meet and had insightful things to say.

I am itching to get to the editing now, I think I might have an idea what this whole thing is going to look like.

The Muppets

Alright, I admit it. I am a sucker for the Muppets. We just stocked up on a few of the classic Muppet titles on DVD. I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to re-watch these favorites. Besides the obvious nostalgia, they are just funny, clean, cute and the songs rock! I don’t think any fictional characters are more sincere. Simple, but smart. They just make my heart smile.

“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” — Gonzo

A lunch story…

Merc and I met our friend Todd today for lunch. We chatted and sipped our beverages while we waited for our food to be delivered. I had ordered a blackened chicken mini pizza, which sounded great as I usually get the blackened chicken sandwich and have always enjoyed it. Once my pizza arrived I took a bite…then another. Somehow the chicken was not as tastey as I had hoped. The same flavor that I loved in the sandwich was sadly NOT GOOD on pizza. So I just picked off the chicken and ate the pizza carcass.

Merc noted the bits of meat all over my plate and I explained that the yumminess of the blackened chicken was apparently non-transferable. Todd suggested I complain to the waiter and order something else. But I told him that since there was nothing really wrong with the dish, I didn’t feel right sending it back. “Besides,” I said, “I’m almost full anyway.”

When the waiter came to clear our plates, he too noted the remains I left on the plate. “Didn’t like the chicken?” he asked.

“Yeah, I really didn’t enjoy it like I thought I would, sorry.” I said with a shrug.

But then a marvelous thing happened…the waiter returned with a scrumptous FREE dessert. He set it down with a flourish and offered it as compensation for my dislike of the pizza. How nice! Free stuff is great. Good service is great! And I am so glad to see evidence of good old fashioned kindness still around in the world.

Back Home

SXSW was great.

I got about 4 hours of footage for the documentary. But more importantly, I got to meet people in person that I have known from the internet for a long time. For the most part, everyone was just as I expected. It’s an interesting element of online communication, knowing people before you ever meet them. Some argue that you can’t really get to know someone from a blog, but I disagree. Maybe reading someone’s words, actually removes some of the pretense that accompanies physical presence.


A quick update on my project…

I finished my research proposal and gave my presentation. Everything went very well. They all seemed very interested and asked a lot of questions. My advisors for the project gave me the greenlight, so everything is progressing nicely.

Also, I am getting great response from my potential interviewees. Many have already agreed to participate, so I will start shooting very soon.

In other news, my husband and I are currently in Texas for SXSW. So far a very enjoyable experience. More to come…