Amazing isn’t it? I have just completed the last requirement for my Master’s degree. I don’t think it’s really hit bottom yet, but I am already feeling lighter. I have been wound into knots this past semester and at times I thought they were trying to kill me, but I’ve come out the other side, and I am still breathing. I am proud of this achievment. I certainly have worked my butt off, and I am sure once I recover from the stress overload of the past 6 months, I’ll be even happier. As it is though, I am just glad it’s over.

My body has taken a beating this semester and I need to spend some time and energy correcting that. My friends and family feel sorely neglected I am sure, also on my NEW list of to-do’s. Thanks to everyone that has been so supportive and helpful during this mess…it’s so Academy-Award-speech, but I am going to list them (if I forget you, remember that my brain is fried 🙂

My Husband – wonderful, supportive, and he puts up with my crap when things get crazy.
My Parents – ever-loving, proud, and encouraging.
My Friends – Manda, Elton, Angela S., Angela A., Jess, Timberly, Kyle, Todd, Heather, E.V. (she’s just so cute), Mike, Laura, Stephanie, Jay, Maruth, Sweta, Uyen, Doyle, I am sure there are more…
Everyone that helped with the documentary – My husband (of course), Derek, Heather, Solbeam, Alison, Merlin, Nick, Eddie, Drew, Halcyon, Al, Rebecca, and Andi.
My Family – Gram C., and Gram and Gramp D. (who are always proud of me, even if they don’t quite understand what I am doing), Aunt Debi, John and Anita, and my uncle Steve.

Anyway, there are so many people that have supported me through this process and I thank the Lord for you all.

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