A Good Read…

Now that I have a little time on my hands, I would like to start reading for pleasure again. I love fiction and for the past few years I have been really into Elizabeth Berg. She has written several books and if you are a woman, I highly recommend her. She has an amazing ability to describe things and make it really interesting and she always talks about food, which is right up my alley. She also has a flair for making the ordinary seem so very interesting.

Anyway, I have recently realized that I have read everything she has written (a few times each). So now what? I’ve become comfortable with her unique voice and reading a new author seems…like I am 7 years old and told to make new friends. It’s not the best prospect.

Manda just posted a suggestion. Anyone else have any recommendations?

Seattle Grace vs. County General

I am a sucker for medical dramas, namely E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy. Since I have been out sick for the past 3.5 days, hubby bought me the first season of Grey’s and I watched it in between seasons 3 and 4 of E.R.

Now even though they are both medical shows, these 2 couldn’t be more different. E.R. focuses on the people who work in and visit the emergency room of a major metropolitan hospital. There are many tense moments and a lot of serious medical jarrgon. Grey’s Anatomy focuses mostly on the experiences and relationships of the surgical interns.

Viewing both in such a short time frame, I can really see the differences between them. I still prefer E.R. mostly because it is so well-produced. Each episode is feature quality. E.R. is much more technically realistic, on Grey’s I often chuckle at the fake-looking body cavities. Of course Grey’s is the lighter side, offering up quite a few more laughs and more romantic storylines.

Both good shows depending on your mood. Though I am bummed that season 1 of Grey’s is only 9 episodes.

The Joy of Cooking

Since finishing my “stinking degree” as it more commonly known these days, I have emersed myself in the fine art of cooking.

I am Italian and I come from a long line of “good cookers”, so naturally the culinary fires burn within me. While my days and nights were being eaten whole by my Little-Shop-of-Horrors educational experience, Merc and I ate practically every meal out. Now I am sure to some this would be a dream come true, but after 5 months of restaurant food, your stomach turns at the mere suggestion. So for the last two weeks I have been cooking non-stop. The menus included: steak, lasagna, bbq chicken, shishkabobs, pasta primavera, roasted chicken and potatos, pork chops, pesto, roasted veggie sandwiches, chicken burritos and more…it has been great! If anyone has suggestions, I am looking for new stuff to try. I am just so excited.

My newfound freedom has also promted the planting of a little garden. Merc and I planted basil, cilantro, and 3 kinds of peppers. It is so cool to see the little buds popping up from the dirt. Even though I come from the country, I have never planted anything myself. It really is fun to see it all come to life.

I am working on my Flickr account and will post links when everything is up.