Seattle Grace vs. County General

I am a sucker for medical dramas, namely E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy. Since I have been out sick for the past 3.5 days, hubby bought me the first season of Grey’s and I watched it in between seasons 3 and 4 of E.R.

Now even though they are both medical shows, these 2 couldn’t be more different. E.R. focuses on the people who work in and visit the emergency room of a major metropolitan hospital. There are many tense moments and a lot of serious medical jarrgon. Grey’s Anatomy focuses mostly on the experiences and relationships of the surgical interns.

Viewing both in such a short time frame, I can really see the differences between them. I still prefer E.R. mostly because it is so well-produced. Each episode is feature quality. E.R. is much more technically realistic, on Grey’s I often chuckle at the fake-looking body cavities. Of course Grey’s is the lighter side, offering up quite a few more laughs and more romantic storylines.

Both good shows depending on your mood. Though I am bummed that season 1 of Grey’s is only 9 episodes.

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