The Joy of Cooking

Since finishing my “stinking degree” as it more commonly known these days, I have emersed myself in the fine art of cooking.

I am Italian and I come from a long line of “good cookers”, so naturally the culinary fires burn within me. While my days and nights were being eaten whole by my Little-Shop-of-Horrors educational experience, Merc and I ate practically every meal out. Now I am sure to some this would be a dream come true, but after 5 months of restaurant food, your stomach turns at the mere suggestion. So for the last two weeks I have been cooking non-stop. The menus included: steak, lasagna, bbq chicken, shishkabobs, pasta primavera, roasted chicken and potatos, pork chops, pesto, roasted veggie sandwiches, chicken burritos and more…it has been great! If anyone has suggestions, I am looking for new stuff to try. I am just so excited.

My newfound freedom has also promted the planting of a little garden. Merc and I planted basil, cilantro, and 3 kinds of peppers. It is so cool to see the little buds popping up from the dirt. Even though I come from the country, I have never planted anything myself. It really is fun to see it all come to life.

I am working on my Flickr account and will post links when everything is up.

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