The Pros and Cons of Train Travel

More room than an airplane – pro

No free drinks – con

Terrible customer service – con

Nice scenery – pro

Too many delays that add up to hours of my life I will never get back – con

2 people per side of the aisle, so I don’t have to crawl over strangers – pro

Food that must have been held over from WWI – con

No seatbelts – pro

Kids – con

You can walk while it’s going – pro

You have to have to be a surfer to balance – con

No sleeper car, means no sleep – con

Lack of power outlets – con

The train was in its prime 25 years ago – con

They set the AC to “freezer mode” at night – con

The schedule does not account for extensive delays – con

I can drive faster – con

Contributed by Merc:

Free pillow – pro
$15 blanket – con

Joined seats for couples – pro
Joined seats for singles – con

Sporting-event-quality food – con

Ocean view – pro
Forest view – pro
Ghetto view – con

Gas-station-quality restrooms – con

Hearing about first-class entertainment every 10 minutes – con

Key staff taking hour long breaks – con

Not bathing for 40 hours – con

Riding in a cocktail shaker – con

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