Productivity, my drug of choice…

Actually, carbs are my drug of choice, but productivity is better for me. Yesterday was a rockin’ day for me, I kicked butt and got more done than I planned. I love days like that. I was practically giddy with positive energy at dinner, and I still had 5 hours to go. Today is a slightly different story. With the best of intentions I began my day with a hefty list, but nothing beyond my reach, I thought.

Laundry was my first task. I trudged down to the laundry room with two loads in tow. (I hate living in an apartment solely for the laundry mat debacle.) Upon arrival I noted that the place was filthy with smears of dirt and laundry soap all over the place. I headed for the two middle machines, normally a safe bet. But once I loaded the machines I noticed that one would not take my card. So I tried another machine, turns out of the 5 washing machines only one worked. So I packed up the other load determined to not get upset about this. I would just do one load at a time.

When I returned to switch out the load, the sole operating machine decided that it was done for the day. So now none of the waching machines work and I am 2 loads behind. Unfortunately, since I am on a schedule and have to be at work in a few hours, this does not make me happy. So I abandon laundry with the hope that I can get it all done on Thursday.

I got through half of my list today, and am feeling a bit sleepy.
Coincidence? Sometimes you score a fix, sometimes you don’t


My apologies for the tardiness of this post, but yesterday was Christopher and my 4th wedding anniversary. I am so happy for each milestone we cross and even happier that we have many more to come.

All my love, hun.

Shout About the Movies

This weekend, Manda came over and we played a rousing round of “Shout About the Movies”. It’s a DVD movie trivia game much like “Scene It”, but no messing with the board and more questions about actual movies and not what color the picture frame on the wall is, a definate plus in my opinion.

I first played it at my parents’ house with my dad and we loved it. The movies are not insanely obscure or ridiculously easy. Dad and I are both movie buffs and found it a good mix. The only downside is that each disc has 3 games, instead of nearly limitless play options like “Scene It”. I think there are 4 installments available. Go out there and see if you can find it. It’s great fun!

For my E.R. fans

Dr. Robert Romano: I’m beginning to think that “ER” stands for “everyone’s retarded”.

Dr. Doug Ross: I’m not a grown-up doctor.
Nurse Lydia Wright: Yes, we know.

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: There are things scurrying about in the walls. Do you know what scurries about in walls, Mark?
Dr. Mark Greene: Bunnies?

Dr. Luka Kovac: Why do you have to make such a big problem about everything? Like you have an insect in your anus.
Abby Lockhart: Okay, it’s bug up my ass Luka. Bug up my ass. If you’re going to insult me you could at least get the words right.

Jerry Markovic: Dr. Ross, this came for you.
Dr. Mark Greene: Bad news?
Dr. Doug Ross: No. Just got denied a loan by a bank whose motto is “We loan money to anyone.”

Old Favorites

Today I am rediscovering the fun of listening to music I already love. We have about 500 cds, which is just enough so that some of your favorite music rarely makes it to the top of the playlist. So while gathering tunes for a graduation video I am putting together, I pulled out a few old favorites and gave them a spin. It’s nice when you know the words to every song on the disc.

Pasta Havarti

My family has been making this simple dish for the last 15 years or so. Basically, you make a “marinade” of the following ingredients and toss it with pasta.

Havarti cheese (cubed)
Stewed Tomatoes (drained)
Minced Garlic
Fresh parsley
Fresh Basil
Olive Oil
Lemon juice
Salt and Pepper

I know I didn’t give any measurements. The recipe does have them, but I find that this one can be done any which way, as long as you think it tastes good. My mom doubles the tomatoes and cuts back the cheese to make it low fat, and it’s still good.

So I tried my own variation. Since my hubby is anti-raw/stewed tomatoes, he never liked this dish. So instead I substituted roasted tomatoes (ala Rachel Ray) and roasted garlic. Well, the results were fabulous! A flavorful, cheesy, delectable dish.

Give it a try fresh or roasted variety, yum!