Productivity, my drug of choice…

Actually, carbs are my drug of choice, but productivity is better for me. Yesterday was a rockin’ day for me, I kicked butt and got more done than I planned. I love days like that. I was practically giddy with positive energy at dinner, and I still had 5 hours to go. Today is a slightly different story. With the best of intentions I began my day with a hefty list, but nothing beyond my reach, I thought.

Laundry was my first task. I trudged down to the laundry room with two loads in tow. (I hate living in an apartment solely for the laundry mat debacle.) Upon arrival I noted that the place was filthy with smears of dirt and laundry soap all over the place. I headed for the two middle machines, normally a safe bet. But once I loaded the machines I noticed that one would not take my card. So I tried another machine, turns out of the 5 washing machines only one worked. So I packed up the other load determined to not get upset about this. I would just do one load at a time.

When I returned to switch out the load, the sole operating machine decided that it was done for the day. So now none of the waching machines work and I am 2 loads behind. Unfortunately, since I am on a schedule and have to be at work in a few hours, this does not make me happy. So I abandon laundry with the hope that I can get it all done on Thursday.

I got through half of my list today, and am feeling a bit sleepy.
Coincidence? Sometimes you score a fix, sometimes you don’t

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