I’ve been working a lot lately and sleeping less. It’s not a bad thing though. When I am not working I feel like I should be. Now whether or not that’s screwed up, I haven’t decided. Anyway, I’ve let my yoga practice fall away and I am really starting to miss it.

My muscles are beginning to sieze up and just about everything gives me a cramp these days. I can feel the tension like a dozen small hands wrapped around my spine. My body is going to give out if I don’t pay better attention to it.

Any (healthful) tips for unwinding?


Seems that things always are in a state of flux. Rarely do I find myself floating in a sea of certainty and in the pattern of a routine. Maybe that would be boring, but I seem to keep trying for it all the same. Anyway, my latest transition is leading me more into the business that my husband and I own. I am getting more involved and cutting back on my teaching a bit for now. This should be interesting. So far I am really enjoying it.

This is not the first time we’ve worked together, in fact it’s the fourth. People have always cautioned me against working with my husband. While I don’t recommend it for everyone, we have always been able to work well together. I enjoy being with him and I think we both find new reasons to appreciate each other.

If this works out well, there may be more changes ahead. Keeps it interesting.