Magic Eye

Remember those things from like 1993? The pictures that look like a bunch of spots but you stare at it and slowly a 3d picture emerges? Well, I can’t see them. Okay, I CAN see them sometimes, but it takes a really really really long time. Let me just offer a word of advice for those of you who can see them easily: don’t offer suggestions to those who can’t. We all know how to do it, it’s just getting our eyes & brains to cooperate that’s the problem.

“Don’t focus on it”
“Look past it”
“Look at the reflection on the page”
“Hold it close to your face, then move it slowly away”

Not. Helpful.

If you really want to help, don’t stare at the picture over our shoulder and say “Wow, you really can’t see it?”

What weekend?

Okay, so working for yourself is cool. I don’t have to drag myself to work, because truthfully I want to go. I want to get the stuff done that I know needs to get done. I don’t feel like I am doing busy work or faking being busy so that my boss won’t make me scrub the floors. I like all of that, it rocks. But the part that is not so fun is that work is my life on the weekends too, and at night. Being a small business owner you have to draw the lines, or you’ll just work all of the time. This is a balance I have yet to master. Slowly, Grasshopper, slowly.

A pig!

So we attended a mixer the other night, one of those business-y, rubbing shoulders, making contacts things and they had a couple of drawings. I, of course, dropped in a business card, what could it hurt? After enjoying a superb bowl of Lobster bisque, they called out my name and hurried up to get my prize. Odd, but cool at the same time my prize turned out to be a sterling piggy bank with $100 inside. The money was cool and all but I’ve grown quite attached to the piggy. We now have an office mascot.


I recently picked up a Lennon Legend CD for my collection. Although I am an avid Beatles fan, this is my first solo Lennon album. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s odd how few of the titles looked familiar in the store, but once I got it home and popped it in just about every track sparked my memory. Good stuff.

Mama used to say…

“Don’t let your eyes get bigger than your stomach.” This was a pearl of wisdom from my great-grandmother, which my grandma passed down, always in the original Italian which no one can really remember any more. Essentially, don’t take more than you can handle because you think you want it. Remember, there’s always seconds!

Walmart Bravery

While home, I took some time to go out shopping with my high school friend Angela. This was the first time I really got to hang out with her 2 kids for any length of time. It was really a lot of fun.

As we headed into Walmart (a place I rarely go and am therefore ignorant to their ways), I mistakenly lead us in through the exit. One of the little greeter folk came up to me and spoke sternly, “This is the exit. You’ll have to go out and come in through the entrance.” I glanced over and noticed that the entrance was a mere 3 feet away and that we were already inside the store. So I simply said, “We’re already inside,” and continued on. Angela said it was brave, but really, Walmart has too much time on their hands. Maybe they are the great evil…something to ponder.