Uncle Alvin

Ten days ago my uncle Alvin unexpected passed away due to a massive heart attack. It was very sad for my family, especially my grandmother who has had to endure the unfairness of living through the death of her child. The hardest part has been seeing my family in pain. I will surely miss him as will many. So here are some of the things that I will remember about him:

He was a kind, but simple man.
He could fix or build just about anything, if he couldn’t he’d learn.
He wanted nothing to do with anything fancy or material.
He cooked better than most men, just like his dad.
He never knew what to buy me for Christmas; I have at least 7 jewelry boxes from him.
He always had a smirk.
He never cared much what anyone else thought.
He did what he wanted to do.

Love you, uncle.

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