Family Visit

My cousin Aaron and his wife are in town, going to Disneyland. We got to hang out last night for dinner. It was really a lot of fun. Aaron and I are only children who grew up next door to each other until we were about 10, pseudo-siblings. Our grandmother watched us after school and in the summer while our parents worked. I am sure we gave her more than her share of grief. Not that we were bad kids…just bored most of the time and in appeasing our curiosity we made a few messes and broke a few things, ah well.

Anyway, we haven’t gotten to hang out together for the better part of 20 years, since he moved away. It was really funny seeing how much we’ve both changed…and haven’t. It is interesting to see over time, how people settle into their personalities. Putting them on like a pair of jeans cut to perfection.

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