Post-Op Day 3

Scarlett is no longer yelping, which either means that the pain has subsided or that she is no longer frightened by it. Beginning yesterday afternoon when hubby came home for lunch and she wagged her tail she has been getting her spunk back in rather large portions.

By the time Manda showed up at around 7pm, she was climbing out of her bed and all wiggly-happy to see her. She has been very excited about food, which is good, but now she has decided that she doesn’t like her medicine. She is taking Metacam (anti-inflammatory), Tramadol (pain control) and Clavamox (antibiotic). The pain meds are supposed to make her drowsy, but at about 1:00am she climbed from her bed up onto the couch with me. We decided to put a t-shirt on her to protect the stitches and then put her in her crate to sleep since we were both too tired to stay up with her all night. We both slept nearby, but she still managed to get halfway out of the shirt to lick her incision. So far, it looks okay…no leaking or opening. We’ve decided to keep the e-collar on her for safety though. Chris is going to go look for cages later today. We just can’t have her hurting herself. She needs to heal.

Other than that her personality is back, albeit a little subdued.

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