Post Op Days 4 and 5

Scarlett is doing much better. She so badly just wants to act like her old self. So have been having to restrict her. She has never been good at being calm when it is important. On the night of Post Op day 3, I awoke to her climbing onto the couch with me. Since we can’t have her climbing onto anything. We put a little t-shirt on her to cover her stitched and put her into the crate for the rest of the night.

Hubby joined me sleeping near her and we both tried to keep an eye on her. Not well enough I guess. When we awoke in the morning she had chewed through the shirt and licked the stitches. No damage, just licking, thankfully. So we put on the e-collar and she has been wearing it ever since. She hates it, but she needs to leave those stitches alone.

Chris bought a cage yesterday so that we could confine her better (she doesn’t fit in the crate with her collar). But late last night her incision started oozing a bloody fluid. I called a local animal urgent care and they said that it was alright since it wasn’t a lot of fluid.

We were still pretty freaked out so we took shifts watching her all night. I have to say that mothers everywhere have my utmost respect. It was one of the most miserable nights I have ever experienced. Between Chris and I we got about 6 hours of sleep. Until about 2:00 a.m. we couldn’t get her to lay still. Then I got the notion that she might be cold and my brilliant husband set up a small space heater and she was MUCH happier.

This morning I called her vet (open on Saturday, yay!) and told them what happened and that we wanted to bring her in just to make sure that everything looked okay. The vet said that the incision looked great and that a little leaking is normal. So good! I also asked if we could get a sedative to keep her calm at night, which the prompty prescribed (double yay!).

When we got home, feeling rather ill from the lack of sleep, I made us a nice big breakfast and then we all napped for about 3 hours. Tonight we will be hitting those sedatives. Wish us luck!

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