Well, Scarlett’s surgery went well according to the doctor. We’ll all be hoping that he removed enough tissue around the tumor, so it won’t grow back, but we won’t know anything until the labs are back and even then…who knows. He also had to remove 2 teeth he said were infected. I should be brushing her teeth daily?? I never knew that. Oh, and he also found and removed the nearest lymphnode (which looked normal to him). They will test it to see if the cancer has spread.

He wanted me to leave Scarlett overnight, and I agreed to until he mentioned that there wouldn’t be any personnel there to watch her. I just couldn’t stomach that, so I changed my mind. When we arrived he asked again if I would leave her, and I said I really didn’t want to. She is VERY sore and yelps anytime she moves. It’s going to be a long night, but I am glad to have her home. She seems much more calm than she was in the kennel.


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