Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream

Dear Gram C,

I remember that whenever we would go out for ice cream you always got Peanut Butter and Chocolate. I would ask why you didn’t get something different or try something new and you simply said, “Because I like this” and hold your cone up.

And I also remember that you always used to tell me when we had a disagreement that someday I would see, and say, “Wow, Grandma sure knew what she was talking about.”

Well, now I can say that you were right and sure knew what you were talking about. Everytime I step up to the counter and order a scoop of PB&C, I think of you. And when anyone asks why I chose something so simple, I lift my cup and say, “Because I like this.”

Love you,

Seasons Change

People have been talking about “seasons” a lot lately. Seasons in marriage, seasons in careers, but I really think that seasons are a part of it all. Bad times can’t last forever and neither can good. Heck, I have about 5 or 6 seasons per day!

The truth is you really can’t get too comfortable because EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY! When you find yourself enjoying something and hoping that it will never change, that is the time to check yourself and mentally say, “This will not last forever, so it is important that I enjoy it while it does last.” Likewise if you can’t wait for the dentist to be done with all of the scraping and drilling and poking, take a breath and remind yourself, “This too will pass.”

As an example, just one year ago when Merc and I came to the office we would see six faces that are no longer around…and six new faces have replaced them. Honestly, the whole place seems different because of this change, but hey who knows what the new bunch will bring.

Who knows? Not me.