From CA to OR to MA and back again…

We went on a little trek a few weeks ago that landed us in 4 different states in less than a week. Interesting to say the least. I like traveling, but I do yearn for my own bed about 3 days out. Oh well.

Oregon had beautiful scenery, including the Spruce Goose! In the middle of nowhere, I might add.

In the North East, where we expected much cooler temps, they were having a heat wave. It was actually cooler in California. New Hampshire had a certain quaint appeal, and Boston was just about as I had expected. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

While in Boston, we took a walk to the North End, looking for dinner in the Italian part of town…MY PEOPLE! It was amazing how intense the culture bled into the streets of this community. It was straight out of a movie: three generations of women gossiping and laughing in front of the laundromat; a short, grey-haired angry little man in an apron yelling at one of his restaurant’s vendors right at the front door; a slick-haired, open-collared, pinky-ringed tough guy chatting on his cell-phone cryptically about “the thing” that went down and how that meant Johnny wasn’t gonna get out for 5 to 8. When we finally did find food, it was amazing and the cannoli were good too (but not as good as my family’s).

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