So Scarlett has been having respiratory irritations of sorts (in addition to the hind leg weakness fiasco). She has been having what I am told are “reverse sneezes”, odd since they are not really a sneeze and sound nothing like them. It sounds like she is snorting and and struggling to catch her breath. It was a little scary, but after some reading and talking to the vet, these episodes are normal and harmless, likely brought on by the combination of the bad air and a Bordatella nose drop vaccine that she recently got.

I thought maybe a humidifier would help her breathe better since it has been so dry. We trekked over to Target and bought one. A “Cool Mist Silent Humidifier” fancy, huh? After using it for two nights, I am skeptical that it is doing much for any of us besides making our room look like an 80’s music video. Still I think we will try it for the rest of the week. Who knows…the dog seems better now, so that’s good.

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