Starbucks Heals

I’ve been under the weather for the last 3 days. This afternoon the hubby suggested Starbucks (oh the shock), so we stopped in and I ordered a hot green tea. The girl behind the counter said, “It’s hot out, why do you want a hot tea?”

“I’m sick”, I said with a shrug.

“Ah, well in that case, do you want something that will help you feel better?”

So I agreed. What resulted was very interesting, but just perfect for a sore throat. It was steamed lemonade with 2 bags of Refresh tea. The warm lemonade was a soothing, sweet alternative and the mint in the tea acted as a menthol cooling agent. Quite unique…not for everyone, but it was perfect for the way I was feeling.

The Absent Minded Designer

I have been blanking out on certain small, very simple mental tasks lately. It is a bit ridiculous. Mind you I am not forgetting meetings or leaving anything out when I work on projects, but it’s little things.

Example: I walked right past my car this morning to the spot where I usually park my car. Mind you, this is a double whammy because: 1) I walked right by my car and stared at my empty parking spot, wondering where my car had gone; and 2) I parked in a random spot last night when I got home instead of my normal, assigned (for the last 7 years) spot.

What is the deal?? I don’t really get it. Is my mind so full of other important details that I let the little things fall by the way side? Do I need to take Ginko? (Like I’d remember to.)

Kitchen Tip #243

So I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but every time I crack an egg it leaves this egg snot on my counter that I inevitably have to clean up because I don’t want to get salmonella or some other food borne illness.

Here is the solution I recently thought up:

Lay a napkin or paper towel on the counter (butter wrappers work well too, if you are baking) and crack the egg on it. Then you can place the shells on the paper and wrap it all up to dipose of quickly and easily.

Ta. Da.