Cable…I just don’t get it.

So while I am at my folks, I am perusing their fancy Dish Network and I have officially decided that I don’t understand cable TV. For one thing…the shows are on a different schedule everyday of the week. No Ace of Cakes for you, it’s Wednesday. My grandma and I watched a show that she loved, and do you think I could tell her when it comes on? No! Every other day at 4 and sometimes 6:30, unless there is a marathon. Marathons! That’s another one. They have all of these marathons, but about every 4 episodes they repeat. So it is really only a marathon of these 4 episodes over and over. Then there is the thing that I have always hated about cable: there are only about 6 channels I like, but to get those 6, I have to get 492 other channels that I will NEVER watch. What a scam.

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