I have an odd rash type thing on my left shin. I’ve had it for a few months now. It doesn’t itch, or grow, or spread to other spots. Basically, it just looks odd. So I finally got myself to a doctor to take a look and he said I should go to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist took a look at it, and asked me a few questions. I told her it had gone away when I applied cortisone cream, but had returned in about 48 hours. She said that she thought it was “Progressive Pigmented Purpura” which is not worrisome at all, but there really isn’t a cure.

She then quickly scanned the rest of my body to see if there was anything else of concern. I thought that was great, since most of the time doctors will only deal with one complaint at a time. She found a rough patch on my back and gave me a separate prescription. Score! 2 diagnoses and one co-pay!

But then she said she wanted to get a biopsy on my leg to be sure. It was a punch biopsy. Not the most fun I’ve had. There was the slight sting of the local anesthetic, a hole-punch size circle of skin removed, and 2 stitches. It’s odd how someone pulling on your flesh with a string makes you want to say, Hey! Knock it off!”

I haven’t gotten the results, yet (stay tuned). But the worst part so far is feeling those stitches pull everytime I stoop down.

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