Doubly Yolky

Double Yolks

I have maybe seen 2 double-yolked eggs in my entire life. That is until a couple of weeks ago.

The last time I was grocery shopping, I bought extra large eggs instead of the regular large that I typically buy. When I cracked the first one, it was a double-yolk. I thought it was a bit odd, but the strangeness continued. The next day I got another…and then another…

Turns out NINE eggs in that dozen had double yolks. That’s right…NINE. Clearly, the end is near.

I did a little research and here is what I can tell you about double-yolked eggs:

– In Asian markets they sell them by the dozen.
– There is nothing genetically wrong with them.
– They eat just fine.
– While they are fairly uncommon, some chickens have a propensity for laying them.
– Younger hens tend to lay them more often.
– They have a more elongated shape.
– They are a sign of good luck (cha-ching!)

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