Mac and Cheese

I am not one of those people who go crazy for mac and cheese…certainly not the kind from a blue box anyway. (Or any recipe that includes Velveeta, barf.) But there are 2 restaurants in town that make *killer* mac and cheese.

The first is Bourbon Street. Their mac and cheese is creamy and tasty with blue cheese and andouille sausage crumbled on top, with just a hint of cayenne. Oh yeah. It is fabulous!

The second is The Slidebar. Their mac and cheese is a lesson in richness. I believe it has 3 cheeses, including fontina. Topped with a crisp breadcrumb crust and so rich I usually can’t finish the appetizer portion (and I order it as my meal).

So there you have it. If you like mac and cheese, you know where to go.

I’m hungry now.

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