Netflix – Watch Instantly

I am addicted to Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature. Basically, if you have an “unlimited” account (these are not the most expensive accounts either), you can access a portion of the Netflix collection online and watch them on your computer.

The newest releases are not usually available and the selection is somewhat limited, but they are adding to it daily. This is perfect for someone like me who loves to watch older movies.

I can’t wait until this feature is integrated into the Xbox system and you can watch these movies right on your tv.

The fact that these movies are just a click away has made me rethink my movie collection. How many movies do I need to own if thousands are available to me for unlimited viewing through Netflix? Already there have been several movies I was thinking of adding to my Christmas list only to find them on Netflix – Watch Instantly. A penny saved.

Bravo, Netflix.

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