I got my hair chopped off this week. I was brave and did not tell the stylist my usual tidbits, “I have to be able to put it in a ponytail”, “I don’t do bangs”, etc. I told her that I wanted it shorter and that I wanted to be able to do it curly and straight. The results are great. I just love it! I haven’t put it up all week (and that in itself is a miracle).

There is something to be said for giving a professional a free hand to do what they think is best, that is, if you trust them to know their craft and take care of you. But I have noticed that the more restrictions you put on creative pros, the less motivation they have to be creative.

Speaking as a creative, I would say some direction is good, but don’t veto the ideas they haven’t had yet. You may miss out on all their expertise has to offer.

Digital Me

So the hubby and I created our little xBox avatars. We went for realism (inasmuch as it was possible). I have to say it was an interesting experience, trying to figure out what the 3D cartoon me should look like, but it was fun. So here’s how it came out:


Hubby and I stopped off to get a mid-day massage during our lunch break. It was much needed and very enjoyable. A good massage sends me into that lovely “not-quite-here” state of consciousness. Once I got a chair massage in the middle of The Irvine Spectrum (at one of those booths) on a bustling Friday night, after a few seconds of massage magic everything went quiet and peaceful. Afterward, I was a little surprised when I saw how many people were around.

Now I have to go drink more water.

Clock Shift

I would like to explore the idea of taking on a slightly shifted daily schedule. Namely one that begins and ends later. We seem to be getting a lot of work done in the evening hours, after the regular work day has ended for most. We could roll in around 11am and dive into our email (which is a losing battle before noon), maybe starting later would allow us kill it in one session rather than restarting the session with every click of the “send”. We could get our priorities set and get in a bit of work before our late “lunch” at, say, 4pm. Around 5 we could really hit our productivity stride, having a working dinner whenever hunger struck and roll out at 10pm.

That works, right?

Well, it’s just an idea. During the busy season everything is a bit off kilter.

Heckuva Long Week

We got a running start on this week by working all weekend last week. Then tossed in a couple of long nights, 7:00, 8:30, 9:45.

Thursday we hit a morning meeting, got back to the office by 1:00pm, worked until 6:30, then went home and packed. Got in the car and drove almost 3 hours to my parent’s house, chatted with them until midnight.

Got up on Friday, went to breakfast, conference call at 10:00am, email and laundry until next conference call at 2:00pm, email and organizing until 5:30, birthday dinner out with Dad (serious Margarita time), watched a movie, crashed.

Saturday was family fun, food and visiting with a few light errands.

Sunday, we got up at 7:00am, packed up and drove home, unpacked the car, grabbed lunch, headed to the office and worked until…well, now.

And now, I’m tired.

Rintone Party

I downloaded custom ringtones for my parents this weekend. Mom went for “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and Dad, the theme from Mission Impossible. We also helped them find new photos for their phone wallpaper…Dad finally settled on the Ben-Hur movie poster and Mom, a pic of Lucy from the Peanuts.

I love those wacky kids.

Restless Dreams

It’s not that I haven’t been sleeping well. Once my brain let’s go, I am out for the count. Sometimes I have to listen to my iPod to fall asleep, so that my brain gets distracted. But with so much going on my mind and body have all of this nervous energy.

Dispite my nightly yoga, water intake and bouts of exercise throughout the day, I am still having muscle aches and tension. The really wierd thing is my dreams. They are not about anything specific, usually something I did that day, but the mood is very intense almost frantic. I usually wake at about 5:30 in a state of panic brought on my the dreams.

So even though my body is getting the rest, my dreams are messing it up. What to do?

Pumpkin Pie Gelato

We love our local gelato shop, Frati. We go so often that the staff knows us by name. Anthony, the owner, makes the gelato and creates the flavors. He really makes some amazing stuff. His latest flavor, for the holidays, is Pumpkin Pie Gelato. We stopped in and had some yesterday. He has been making a pan everyday and selling out everyday. Bits of pie filling, crust and extra cinnamon, it’s delicious! (And I am not really that fond of pumpkin pie.)

So there’s a little something to try, if you’re in the neighborhood.