Frozen, Part 1

The last few days of our Chicago trip were the coldest I have ever experienced. I know that a lot of people live in freezing places and think nothing of it, but I am from California…and now that I am from Southern California, I am an even bigger weenie when it comes to the cold.

On Thursday night hubby and I ventured out to dinner, it was 1.2 miles to the restaurant and we walked. It was 20 degrees, but I was a good sport and hoofed it with my hubby who likes to walk. By the time we reached the restaurant, I was practically a popsicle. I pulled my gloves off and my hands swelled up and turned bright red. After we ordered our food and some hot tea, I looked at Merc and said, “We’re taking a cab back, right?” He answered, “Oh, hell yes.”

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