New Years 2009

On to another year…they just keep coming, don’t they? I guess that’s better than if they stopped.

2008 was an interesting year:

– Started Twittering
– Tackled the most projects ever in one year
– Ate escargot (not bad at all)
– Joined Facebook
– Went to Chicago, Napa and Austin
– Programmed my first ENTIRE website with web standards
– Installed my first vinyl signs
– Experience the coldest weather of my life (14 degrees)
– Discovered Gelato, namely Frati Gelato
– Witnessed 9 double-yolked eggs in one carton
– Lost a dear family member
– Made my first trip to the OC Fair
– Got a skin biposy, benign
– Witnessed the greated economic downturn since the great depression
– Participated in my first election since moving to SoCal
– Laughed
– Cried
– And all the rest, thank God.

Happy New Year, everyone…the beat goes on.

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