I was out of deodorant, so I stopped by Target to pick up a refill. I located my brand and spotted a new scent. “Cool Cucumber” the package said. I gave it a quick sniff and it smelled good to me so I bought it.

The next day at my desk, I smelled something odd. Sniff. What was that? Mildew? Was there food spoiling in the trash can? Odd, but I couldn’t locate the source so I went about my day.

The day after that we took a trip to Austin, and upon our return as I sat at my desk, it recurred. Sniff. “What *is* that?” It was still there but hadn’t gotten worse. Ick. Then I stuck my nose in my shirt. “Oh my gosh! It’s my deodorant!” I decided the smell was such a bother to my sensitive nose that I would just dump it and buy a new one.

While standing in the store aisle with my mother, I let her sniff the stinky one. “Oh yeah,” she said, “Deodorant is suppose to hide the smell. This one joins in.”

(Title is credited to a former student of mine, who for a project, named her fictitious deodorant brand “Sniffy”.)

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