Finger Lickin’ Good

So I was reading my dear friend’s blog about her pet peeve social faux pas and realized that I am an offender of #3 “Licking fingers is never, ever, EVER acceptable.” Sorry girl, guilty. But that is not the oddest part, as I thought about this particular no-no, I realize I have really specific rules about it.

For example:

  • I will NEVER lick my fingers without immediately wiping my hands on a napkin.
  • I lick my fingers in hopes of preserving the cleanliness of my napkin, i.e. bbq sauce, cake frosting and other sticky messes get licked first to keep my napkin from getting goopy.
  • I lick my fingers if they have salt or something crumbly on them, so that I won’t sprinkle the crumbs everywhere I use the napkin.
  • I won’t lick my fingers if the offending mess isn’t tasty, like oil, that would go straight to a napkin.
  • I won’t lick my fingers or eat the last bit food (where I am touching it) if I think my hands aren’t completely clean. This happens a lot at amusement parks and such. I hold the pretzel in one spot, eat most if it and the last bit goes in the trash.

So there you have it. Another one of my neuroses.

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