Another November

Well, I was shocked to realize that today is the last day of November. I’ve posted a blog for each and every day this month. I pushed through when I thought I had nothing to say. I blogged when I could not handle one more thing in my day.

I have to say that even though I know this challenge is small and insignificant, it still feels really good to finish out the month.

Definately, Maybe

I caught this flick in the hotel room today and I have to say, I thought it was adorable. A really cute flashback sort of love story where you are not really sure who gets together in the end. Although, maybe I missed something early on, but it seemed like the daughter didn’t know her mother for the whole movie, but in the end she did…hrm.

The father/daughter dynamic in the film is a lot of fun to watch. Cute and funny all around.


Are you cold yet? We are here in Chicago once again. We are in almost the same exact room we were in 2 years ago in our hotel. It is surreal, feels a bit like an acid flashback, not that I really know about that.

Anyhoo, the plans are set for all of our favorite destinations once again. Come along won’t you?

First Class, First Time

So this morning we decided to upgrade to First Class. That’s right, capital F capital C. At first we thought we’d made a mistake and we wouldn’t get to sit together, but the gate agent paged another passenger and asked them to switch seats with one of us, so we could travel together. It just so happened that we knew the passenger she paged, and it was one of the nicest guys so he was happy to switch, yay!

So we got on board and I noticed that we were sitting with a lot of the big wigs who were going to Chicago for the same tradeshow that we were, very cool. That’s right, I’m a big wig too! (Well, at least for today.)

We sat down almost immediately. Quite a change from standing in the aisle waiting for people to put their crap away. The seats were quite roomy, and I believe we got beverage service 4 times, once before we even took off. They closed that little curtain and we were in our own little world. We got coffee in ceramic mugs, and a hot breakfast on real plates. I was even able to catch a few winks.

I could get used to this.

Another Year of Giving Thanks

We’ve been quite busy of late and burnout is starting to set in. While my tone may have been a little less enthusiastic the past few weeks, I still realize that we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

I am so blessed to have an amazing husband, a wonderful family, awesome friends, a successful business and a cute dog.

I am one lucky gal.

Six Degrees

Whether or not you believe that everyone can be connected through a series of 6 or fewer relationships, I am pretty surprised at how people we know are friends with other people we know. Since I grew up in a small town that was the same small town my mother grew up in, this was a familiar concept back home. Once I moved to the “big” city, I thought there were so many people that this would never happen. I can now tell you that notion was incorrect.

Clients of ours are friends with people my roommate worked with. Vendors we work with used to date another vendor’s sister. People we have been “online friends” with for 10 years know some of our local friends here in our community.

Maybe the world is getting smaller, or maybe the internet just makes us notice it more. Either way, it is always a surprise, the kind I enjoy…ah, small world.

Friends and Memories

Friends is one of the best shows ever and I still watch the DVDs all the time. I remember watching many of the shows as they aired. As I was watching the episode from season 8 tonight, where we find out Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby, I was reminded of how I was working nights at O when this show aired. Todd (the other editor I worked with) and I would always talk about Friends on Friday mornings and he had seen the episode before me. I was so eager to know what happened, he acted out the whole episode for me. Even now when I watch it I am reminded of how I first heard those lines.

I also remember watching the season finale when Ross said Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily. Christopher and I both gasped.

And I remember watching the entire last season with Manda and Chris talking at every commercial (mostly with Manda) about how we didn’t know what we were going to do with out Thursday nights from now on.

In the grocery store…

I went to the store today and it was a bit busy due to the upcoming holiday, but I couldn’t help but notice how some people just have no idea how maneuver through a store. So here are a few tips:

1. It’s just like the road, keep to the right. If someone is approaching, yield.
2. If you pause to look at the selection, pull your cart over to the side of the aisle.
3. Keep your kids from sitting in the aisle, and/or touching things in my cart.
4. A pleasant “Excuse me” is appreciated.
5. Don’t leave your cart in a busy area and walk away.

Reading over them now, it seems so simple…Ah, well.

Not Today

Nothing worthwhile happened today, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t really good either. So instead of telling you about my day, I will tell what I would’ve liked to happen today.

I would’ve slept in much longer than usual to get in some extra rest after a very long week.

Then I would have made coffee and maybe a quick egg and toast for breakfast. Next I’d rush around and get the house clean, because that’s how I like it. Then I would have started my laundry. In between the laundry I would have gotten dressed and headed out to the grocery store to pick everything I need for my Thanksgiving dinner and a few other staples.

I’d put the groceries away, finish my laundry and take out a little time to pamper myself…do my nails, toe nails, etc, while watching tv, PBS cooking shows.

Then I’d start dinner with the proper inspiration, maybe sip a glass of red wine while I chopped the vegetables. Dinner would would be enjoyed with my favorite person, my husband. Then we’d settle into the couch with a snuggly blanket and a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie.

Ah, while I did get to have dinner with my favorite person, the rest of the day is better forgotten. After all…tomorrow is another day. 🙂