DMV Woes

For the last couple of years I have had trouble getting my registration taken care of in a timely fashion. Two years in a row I got a ticket for expired tags when I never got the paperwork to renew it. This year, we moved and my submission of address change did not go through, so I paid for my tags but I never got them. So I got my 3rd ticket for expired tags. Yay.

I called the DMV to ask where my tags were and was informed that my address had not changed. The woman then informed me that they could not issue a replacement until they had been lost for 30 days…2 weeks away. Then she suggested I go down to the DMV (oh joy!) and get a replacement for $18. So I went online to find that the next available appointment was in 3 weeks.

I posted a few angry tweets at the DMV and placed a formal complaint on their website. Then one of my office mates suggested going to AAA to get replacement tags. Brilliant! I waited for a few minutes, told the man what I needed and he helped me out right away. I walked out with my tags and never looked back. Thank goodness from AAA!

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