DMV Woes

For the last couple of years I have had trouble getting my registration taken care of in a timely fashion. Two years in a row I got a ticket for expired tags when I never got the paperwork to renew it. This year, we moved and my submission of address change did not go through, so I paid for my tags but I never got them. So I got my 3rd ticket for expired tags. Yay.

I called the DMV to ask where my tags were and was informed that my address had not changed. The woman then informed me that they could not issue a replacement until they had been lost for 30 days…2 weeks away. Then she suggested I go down to the DMV (oh joy!) and get a replacement for $18. So I went online to find that the next available appointment was in 3 weeks.

I posted a few angry tweets at the DMV and placed a formal complaint on their website. Then one of my office mates suggested going to AAA to get replacement tags. Brilliant! I waited for a few minutes, told the man what I needed and he helped me out right away. I walked out with my tags and never looked back. Thank goodness from AAA!

Monthly Massage

We’ve started having a massage therapist come to our office once a month to help us all work out the kinks. Sitting for hours upon hours, working on a computer is not what the human body was meant to do.

This has been so nice and pretty much everyone in our office suite loves it. I am interested to see what a regular massage is going to do for me physically. Even between our last 2 sessions, I’ve felt a difference. It’s a nice little treat that is has health benefits. Win, win!

Thanksgiving Potluck

Anyone who works in an office environment typically experiences the holiday potluck, but here is my question: Do you try to replicate the holiday feast? Or do you try to bring something out of character for that holiday meal, so as to avoid burnout?

I am on the fence about this one. Truthfully, even if the potluck fare is similar to the kind of food I will have on Thankgsiving, it is typically different enough that I do not experience any kind of burnout. But since I have heard people voice this complaint in the past, it makes me wonder what I should bring? Traditional fare or break the mold (tacos, anyone?)…


Hot Buttered Rum

This is my new favorite winter drink. I’ve only made them once and I think there is still some experimenting that needs to be done to figure out the perfect balance, but here is the jist:

You take a thin slice of butter and mash it together with a tablespoon of brown sugar, add a shot of rum (we tried dark and light, both were good), then add about 1/2 cup of near boiling water and stir it up.

That’ll warm your tummy!

Cute in her own way.

As I sit on the couch, typing away on my blog. Scarlett sits just to the right of me on the floor. She faces me, staring intently at my face. Every few seconds she wobbles from side to side, letting me know that she is ready to be picked up. Totally ready. Yup, I’m still here. Want to pick me up now? How about now? Do you see me? (Wobble, wobble)

Weekend Work

Been a busy week, weekend, month, year. Working on the weekends has its advantages: it’s quieter, fewer clients are working so email is less of a distraction, so that is nice also there is a shorter line at Bux and no lunch rush.

But then again, working from one week straight into the next is surely a test of your sanity. These are the weeks you have to just hang in there an hope that next week will be better, less stressful, less tiring.

And that’s all I have to say today because I just got home from work and I am prety beat. Nite all.

Happy Birthday, Daddeo

Today is my father’s birthday. Love that guy. I really have an awesome family and my dad is no exception. He’s a very talented, fun and cool guy. And when I say that I probably mean at least 5 times more than you are imagining. He’s a fine artist, a graphic designer, a teacher, a musician, and a minister. He cracks me up almost constantly, and he can beat a lot of my friends at xBox games, heh 🙂

Anyway, Dad love you. So. MUCH. Have a great birthday and keep being you.

A Cuppa Bux

Working directly above a Starbucks has done well for my coffee habit over the last few years. We generally make at least 2 trips down there per day. At first I was getting the fancy dancy coffees and loving them, but after a while I figured it would be better for my waistline and my wallet if I stuck to simple java. Besides, when you get a foofy drink twice a day, it’s not special anymore.

So I resorted to coffee that I creamed and sugared at the condiment bar. Then I decided that I really would rather have CoffeeMate powder, since it is fewer calories and acheives the creamier flavor I was going for.

Lately, the drip coffee started getting to me. I started finding it bitter and I had to dump way to much creamer in to make it drinkable. Then they introduced the Via. Instant coffee is not something I enjoy, but this is pretty good, and it makes it so that I can control the strength of the mix. Also, my coffee is now even cheaper. Yay!

So there you go. I prefer the Starbucks instant to the Starbucks brew. I said it.

An Ethnic Buffet

Today was a mix of delicious culinary offerings that just happened to come together perfectly.

For breakfast, I feasted on a friend’s mother’s homemade tamales, which were wonderful!

For lunch, a large cancelled gathering offered a Thai feast with several delectable dishes. I’m still stuffed from that one.

For dinner, we ordered up Z-Pizza and had 3 tasty varieties, one of which was vegan and I have to say, it was very good!

Finally, the Chamber’s left over Costco cookies made a great evening snack.

Working long days is definately rough, but all is made better by good food.

Technology is Evil

We use it some much to make things easier, faster, more advanced, more interesting, but then something happens…we depend on it. We come to expect it to be there and when something goes awry, we are lost. Our saftey net of process and functionality is ripped from beneath us and we dangle by a thread. Damn computers run the world and it really screws things up if they stop running.

“Work! You stupid machine!!”