I do hate being sick. The worst part is when your mind fogs up and you can’t think clearly. I did make it a whole year (technically 14 months) without being sick though, so that is something to celebrate.

Here are my tips for getting over an illness as quickly as possible and trying to keep your germs to yourself:

  • Get rest!
  • Drink fluids
  • Keep tissues nearby to sneeze and cough into
  • Stay in one area and try to keep your germs contained
  • Use hand sanitizer, before entering common areas
  • Take vitamin C
  • Take zinc
  • Take any meds that lessen your symptoms to save the wear and tear on your body
  • Eat homemade chicken soup (I have an easy recipe if you need one. I usually make a ton and freeze it.)
  • Drink hot decaf tea
  • If you have a fever, sweat it out
  • If you are congested, take a steam
  • What do you do when you’re sick?

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