Thanksgiving Potluck

Anyone who works in an office environment typically experiences the holiday potluck, but here is my question: Do you try to replicate the holiday feast? Or do you try to bring something out of character for that holiday meal, so as to avoid burnout?

I am on the fence about this one. Truthfully, even if the potluck fare is similar to the kind of food I will have on Thankgsiving, it is typically different enough that I do not experience any kind of burnout. But since I have heard people voice this complaint in the past, it makes me wonder what I should bring? Traditional fare or break the mold (tacos, anyone?)…


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Potluck

  1. Break the mold! Go Italian like me! At least at my Italian fam does the traditional Thanksgiving. Sometimes Christmas is different.

  2. We seem to always have the traditional for Thanksgiving. I just read an article, actually, suggesting new ideas for those who are "bored" with their Thanksgiving menu. I just can't understand who gets bored when you only eat it once a year! I personally look forward to it!
    Christmas for us, however, is always different, sometimes even wild 😉

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