The Tale of the Wrong Rug

Since moving into our cute little old house, we have been getting rid of old furniture and getting a few new pieces. We have so much to work with now, that we didn’t really have in our old apartment. So little by little we are pulling everything together so it matches, works better for the space or makes the place just a little more homey.

One of our newest additions (just arrived today) is a large area rug for the living room. Since we are not used to having all hardwood floors (which are gorgeous) it’s not the most comfy for the living room where we often sit on the floor.

Now that the rug is here, I don’t mind telling you what a fiasco it was. We looked at several different stores including Sam’s Club, Costco, Lowe’s, Ikea and Home Depot. I was not thrilled about paying hundreds of dollars for a rug, so when we found an option at Home Depot for $150, I was very happy.

We had to order it, but it they said it would show up in a week and shipping was free. Cool. Then it arrived and it was the wrong color, almost white. So I called the person that ordered it for us in the store and she said, “Bring it in.” Now the sales slip and tag on the rug said that returns needed to be shipped back. So I asked again, “Bring it in to the store. Your store.” She confirmed. So that left us with our next dilemma, how to get an 8×10 rug back to Tustin?

Our trusty pal, Ricky offered his truck so we happily accepted and off we went. Once in the store, we got the runaround. The sales lady told me that it had to be shipped back, yadda yadda. Of course, I knew that, but I was told to bring it back in. Wrong? Yes, but not my fault. I told her she should consult her manager because I was not going to be taking this rug back home to ship it.

Then we found out that the sales person who sold us the rug had just gone on the Home Depot website and ordered it, this caused problems with the return as well. It finally got worked out and she called over another sales person to help me order the right color rug. When we walked back to look at the swatches, we got another surprise. The rug we had received wasn’t even in the swatches. I was confused…which one did I order? After a call to Manda and asking Christopher and Ricky to offer their two cents, we finally settled on a darker rug. We had 3 sales associates there to confirm that we were ordering the right color. The lady handling our return ended up being very helpful after we got it all straightened out.

So all’s well that ends well. I’m gonna go lay on my new rug now.

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