Weekend Work

Been a busy week, weekend, month, year. Working on the weekends has its advantages: it’s quieter, fewer clients are working so email is less of a distraction, so that is nice also there is a shorter line at Bux and no lunch rush.

But then again, working from one week straight into the next is surely a test of your sanity. These are the weeks you have to just hang in there an hope that next week will be better, less stressful, less tiring.

And that’s all I have to say today because I just got home from work and I am prety beat. Nite all.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Work

  1. Whoa, Ong… I'm sure many of my students wouldn't agree… but YOU are the sweetest thing. Thanks for the nice things you said about me… (you forgot that I am a pretty good movie editor and I know LOTS about the history of film… but SHEESH, that's enough, I'm beginning to make myself blush!) You have always been my treasure… SO PROUD of you and Chris and your mom… what group! I'm a lucky old guy. (And I do mean OLD.)


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