First Dr.’s Appt.

I had my first Dr.’s appt, which was pretty uneventful. I was examined by the doctor and filled out a million forms. Then they sent me to have blood drawn, something that is typically no biggie for me. Well, “pregnant me” definately has issues with blood draw. Christopher stepped out to go to the bathroom, and shortly after she started drawing blood I began to feel faint. She called for back-up, and the nurses ran in and started fanning me. Christopher returned, surprised to see me in such a state, and started feeding me cookies from my purse. She was able to finish and I layed down for about 10 minutes.

Feeling better, we headed upstairs for my first ultrasound. The technician showed us the baby and the heartbeat, which was incredible to see. Then she took measurements and told us the due date. She said she was done, and I headed to thebathroom while she printed up a few pictures for us.

After we left, I told Christopher, no one really said anything that made feel like things were going ok. So we went back in, I talked to the receptionist and told her my concerns. She said that if the ultrasound tech had given me a due date then everything was probably fine and they¬†would let me know if my blood tests were abnormal. Why couldn’t they say that before I left? I know this stuff is routine for them, but this is my first time.

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