Crappy Movies

I watched a few movies the other day and I’m sorry to say they mostly sucked. So here’s a cautionary note so you do not waste your time.

Broken Flowers – An independent with Bill Murray, seemed like it could be good from the description. Basic story line is that Bill’s character gets a mysterious letter telling him that he has a son who is on his way to meet him, but it is not signed. So his friend tries to figure out which of Bill’s past girlfriends wrote the letter and sends him out to visit these women and gather clues. He comes back with nothing concrete, but sees a kid at the airport and later at a diner and thinks this must be his son. He chats with the kid, the kid thinks he’s crazy and runs off. Then a car rolls by with another kid looking out the window and…roll credits! WHAT?? Seriously? So we don’t find out who the mother is or who the kid is? LAME. Plus there’s a lot of “independent” cinematography, like long shots of the back of someone’s head.

She’s the One – A romantic comedy (I think) with Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, that can’t be too bad, right? Wrong. Basically it’s the story of 2 brothers, one is a complete ass and married to Jennifer Aniston. The other brother is a nice guy who Cameron Diaz cheats on while they were engaged. Nice brother gets married to some random chick he meets within 24 hours. Ass brother cheats on Jennifer Aniston with Cameron Diaz. Meanwhile, the boys’ mom leaves their dad for someone else. I’m not sure how the movie finally resolves because I had to turn it off. It was too lame to take up my retinal energy any longer.

Funny Girl – The best of the 3, but not my favorite as musicals go. The movie is a bit long, in fact it took me 3 sittings to watch it all. It also occurs to me that I haven’t seen a musical where a single character sings ALL of the songs. The story is interesting, but it seemed like it took forever to get it told. I was quite entertained by Barbra Streisand’s hairdos throughout the film, that was probably my favorite part and “Don’t Rain on My Parade”…great song.

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