Pregnancy Websites

In addition to the many books, I also frequented websites to supplement my pregnancy learning. These are nice because you have the benefit of search and there are usually forums loaded with personal experiences. Some of my faves:

These all have general information and some have those cool emails you can sign up for that tells you what is going on with your baby that week (for both during the pregnancy and after the kid is born).

A couple other sites I like are:

  • – Full of videos of moms talking about mom issues, both entertaining and informative.
  • – This is just for fun, 2 bloggers started this site to poke fun at all of the stuff that moms get told to do and not to do.

Then there are the countless mommy blogs, some of my favorite:

Finally, since I have an iPhone, apps were put to good use during my pregnancy as well:

  • BabyBump – Similar to the websites above, just general information. Weekly updates, daily updates and forums.
  • BMotion – A kick-counter app for when you need to count such things.
  • A Contraction Counter – Read the fine print on this one. I opted for a free version and it only allowed me to time 10 contractions then required that I buy the paid version, which worked TOTALLY differently. This is not something you want to deal with while having contractions.
  • Similac Baby Journal – This is an awesome free app for all of the many things you need to chart once the baby is born.

I’d love to hear about your favorites.

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