I like to watch documentaries, probably part of my ‘input’ trait. I like anything about cooking, food, show business, biographies, etc. So today I watched Vegucated, recently added to Netflix. While I am not vegetarian or even close to vegan, I find these films interesting. I loved Food, Inc. and Hungry for Change.

Vegucated was a bit too focused on animal rights (don’t get me wrong, I think animals should be treated well by humans, but I am just as appalled by nature documentaries) and gave veganism a sort of cultish wrap, so I won’t say that I recommend it.

However, there was one tidbit of info that I found very interesting… A doctor that she interviewed said that the standard American diet was roughly 40% meat, 50% processed foods, and 10% whole plant foods, with half of that consisting of white potatoes. With those stats, it’s no wonder that we are not getting enough nutrients on the whole. Food for thought!

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