Christmas Movies

In honor of our Christmas tree, which we just put up this evening to kick off the holiday season, I thought I should post my Christmas movie list. I love Christmas movies, the funny thing was when I was growing up we all had different ideas of what Christmas movies were. For example, my dad would say: A Christmas Carol (the old, b & w version) and It’s a Wonderful Life. My mom would say: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. I would say: Gremlins and Home Alone. We would, of course, watch them all and later were able to throw in a few others that we all agreed on like: Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping.

Any one else have Christmas movies?

Thanksgiving Entertainment

Since Manda posted her Christmas movies, I thought I would post my Thanksgiving movies…I may be the only person on earth that has “Thanksgiving movies”, but hey after you gorge yourself, you don’t feel like doing much else…

Home for the Holidays (an honest-to-goodness movie about Thanksgiving, yay!)

American Movie (a quirky documentary that has a hilarious Thanksgiving scene)

And my new ritual (although it is not a movie) is to watch all 10 Thanksgiving episodes of Friends back to back.