Weekend Work

Been a busy week, weekend, month, year. Working on the weekends has its advantages: it’s quieter, fewer clients are working so email is less of a distraction, so that is nice also there is a shorter line at Bux and no lunch rush.

But then again, working from one week straight into the next is surely a test of your sanity. These are the weeks you have to just hang in there an hope that next week will be better, less stressful, less tiring.

And that’s all I have to say today because I just got home from work and I am prety beat. Nite all.

Heckuva Long Week

We got a running start on this week by working all weekend last week. Then tossed in a couple of long nights, 7:00, 8:30, 9:45.

Thursday we hit a morning meeting, got back to the office by 1:00pm, worked until 6:30, then went home and packed. Got in the car and drove almost 3 hours to my parent’s house, chatted with them until midnight.

Got up on Friday, went to breakfast, conference call at 10:00am, email and laundry until next conference call at 2:00pm, email and organizing until 5:30, birthday dinner out with Dad (serious Margarita time), watched a movie, crashed.

Saturday was family fun, food and visiting with a few light errands.

Sunday, we got up at 7:00am, packed up and drove home, unpacked the car, grabbed lunch, headed to the office and worked until…well, now.

And now, I’m tired.