Med Speak

I love medical shows, especially E.R. because they don’t dumb anything down. They chatter on in medical jargon and most people have no idea what they are saying. I love shows that don’t apologize for keepin’ it real. So just in case you were wondering here are some of the terms I have picked up, looked up or figured out.

LOC = Loss of consciousness
LOL = Little old lady
GSW = gun shot wound
MVA = motor vehicle accident
CBC = complete blood count
GOMER = get out of my ER (someone who comes back from the brink of death more than once)
tension pnuemo = (short for tension pnuemothorax)collapsed lung
PID = pelvic inflammatory disease
ex-lap = exploratory laparotomy
appy = appendectomy
diaphoretic = sweaty
SVT = supraventricular tachycardia
DVT = deep vein thrombosis
PE = pulmonary embollism
cyanotic = blue (from lack of oxygen)
PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder
MI = myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Who says TV isn’t educational?