Good/Bad Customer Service

Life’s too short for bad customer service. I make choices on who I will give my business to based on the kind of service they provide.

Case in point: Today at our luxury hotel that supposedly caters to business clientele, I was having trouble sending email. So I called the front desk and told them I had a problem with my internet connection. They swiftly transferred me out of the hotel without even asking what my problem was. I was soon talking to Sprint, after being hung up on once. After explaining the situation, they immediately told me that there was nothing they could do to help. When I suggested that an outgoing email port may be blocked, he “logged in” and told me that there were NO ports blocked and our host was probably blocking the hotel’s IP from sending email. Okay, then.

Having my doubts, I then called our host company, Media Temple (mt). They asked for my information. I told them my name and info, they then told me that they would help as much as they could but I wasn’t on the account as an admin. So I told them the problem I was having. He walked me through the process of changing my outgoing email port and had me test it. It worked!! So I told him what I went through with Sprint and he sort of chuckled, “Yeah, they were definately blocking the port.” He asked if there was anything else he could help me with, and I said, “Nope, that was awesome! Thank you.”

Later Media Temple sent out an email to my husband who is the admin on the account and recounted the whole matter to him. Talk about being thorough! That is some serious customer service!

Go Media Temple!! Sprint, well you can go elsewhere.