Ally McSchpeeeel

Alright, I like it. I like Ally McBeal. It’s not the best show ever, I’ll be the first to admit that, but it is entertaining as all get out. I equate it to the “Law” edition of Grey’s Anatomy. Completely unrealistic, pretty odd characters, and no one is monogamous.

I think my favorite part is how strange all of the characters are, how they all have their particular quirks, favorite sayings and neuroses. It’s almost like watching Jerry Springer, you can’t help but feel normal. On that note, let’s take a moment. I will not be disparaged. Snapish. Bygones.

Friends and Memories

Friends is one of the best shows ever and I still watch the DVDs all the time. I remember watching many of the shows as they aired. As I was watching the episode from season 8 tonight, where we find out Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby, I was reminded of how I was working nights at O when this show aired. Todd (the other editor I worked with) and I would always talk about Friends on Friday mornings and he had seen the episode before me. I was so eager to know what happened, he acted out the whole episode for me. Even now when I watch it I am reminded of how I first heard those lines.

I also remember watching the season finale when Ross said Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily. Christopher and I both gasped.

And I remember watching the entire last season with Manda and Chris talking at every commercial (mostly with Manda) about how we didn’t know what we were going to do with out Thursday nights from now on.

Med Speak

I love medical shows, especially E.R. because they don’t dumb anything down. They chatter on in medical jargon and most people have no idea what they are saying. I love shows that don’t apologize for keepin’ it real. So just in case you were wondering here are some of the terms I have picked up, looked up or figured out.

LOC = Loss of consciousness
LOL = Little old lady
GSW = gun shot wound
MVA = motor vehicle accident
CBC = complete blood count
GOMER = get out of my ER (someone who comes back from the brink of death more than once)
tension pnuemo = (short for tension pnuemothorax)collapsed lung
PID = pelvic inflammatory disease
ex-lap = exploratory laparotomy
appy = appendectomy
diaphoretic = sweaty
SVT = supraventricular tachycardia
DVT = deep vein thrombosis
PE = pulmonary embollism
cyanotic = blue (from lack of oxygen)
PTSD = post traumatic stress disorder
MI = myocardial infarction (heart attack)

Who says TV isn’t educational?

My So-Called Life

Okay, I admit it…I love the show. It was on for 19 episodes back in ’95. I related to the authentic nature of the story and realistic portrayals. Even now I am struck by the stunning visuals and unique style. I think it is the best teen drama that has ever been on the air. So recently, I saw that the episodes were available on NetFlix to rent and my brilliant husband suggested that it might be available for purchase on Amazon. And it was! So I ordered it and now I am getting to enjoy it all over again…yay!