Will you be mine?

Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder to tell the person you love that they are special to you. It is nice to show your appreciation for a loved one, but that is true any day of the year. Expecting roses, jewelry, candy and fancy dinners are the results of commercial brainwashing.

I say, talk with your significant other beforehand about what you would like to do to celebrate your love. Set an expectation. That way there is no disappointment, no hard feelings. There can still be an element of surprise, but trying to guess what someone would like to be surprised with is ridiculous.

Most years, my husband and I try to do something different so that we do not have to deal with long lines at See’s or a 2 hour wait for dinner. Maybe we go out to a nice breakfast, or walk on the beach, or have a picnic, or make dinner together at home. This year was no exception. We had a great time.