A Cuppa Bux

Working directly above a Starbucks has done well for my coffee habit over the last few years. We generally make at least 2 trips down there per day. At first I was getting the fancy dancy coffees and loving them, but after a while I figured it would be better for my waistline and my wallet if I stuck to simple java. Besides, when you get a foofy drink twice a day, it’s not special anymore.

So I resorted to coffee that I creamed and sugared at the condiment bar. Then I decided that I really would rather have CoffeeMate powder, since it is fewer calories and acheives the creamier flavor I was going for.

Lately, the drip coffee started getting to me. I started finding it bitter and I had to dump way to much creamer in to make it drinkable. Then they introduced the Via. Instant coffee is not something I enjoy, but this is pretty good, and it makes it so that I can control the strength of the mix. Also, my coffee is now even cheaper. Yay!

So there you go. I prefer the Starbucks instant to the Starbucks brew. I said it.