Wait just a minute, Waiter.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why waiters feel slighted if I don’t order the whole menu and then some. Sometimes I want to split a meal with someone else, I don’t want appetizers, I only want one drink, etc. I, like the rest of America, could stand to lose a few, so don’t make it so hard, Waiter. I mean, have you seen the portions they serve in most restaurants? What am I going to do with all of that?? There are starving children!

And here’s a hint if you are reading this, Waiter…don’t think that makes me cheap or a bad tipper. In fact, the hubby and I tend to over tip, unless the service is crap. I just don’t see a need to order more than I am going to eat. And less I spend on food, the more I tend to tip.

Help Wanted

A bit of advice for those seeking employment as a waiter or waitress: Do not apply for a job at a restuarant where you have never eaten. At the very least, apply some effort to learning the menu items before your first day. If you have to ask the patrons, “Um…what is that?” while pointing to their plate, you have an uphill struggle ahead.